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Coronavirus Update From CEO

Jan 4, 2021



* Last updated on 17 September 2020


The last few months have been challenging for us all and the work of Charity Right has become more important then ever before.

We have continued to deliver your aid since Ramadan whilst ensuring the safety of our staff and the beneficiaries.

We would like this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and to also update you on what we have been up-to during the last few months

Have a read below of how your donations were used.


Thar, Pakistan

  Schools in the district are due to reopen September 15.

  608 food packs delivered to the most vulnerable students and their families each month.

  3,000 additional food packs distributed to daily workers.


Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh

  Our schools, orphanages & madrasas in Cox’s Bazar have been operating normally.

  Most children in the madrasas have completed more than 3 Juz in the last three months and 5 students have completed the Quran.

  Delivering 72 food packs each month to vulnerable families in Cox’s Bazar.


Istanbul, Turkey

  400 food packs delivered each month.

  We are working towards implementing an education programme for beneficiaries to develop language and employment skills.



  General schools in Sudan are closed indefinitely.

  Daily meals are being provided to 156 children at a Qur’an school that is open.

  Daily meals were provided to children at the remaining boarding schools until June.

  Daily meals were provided to children taking grade 8 exams.

  508 food packs delivered to vulnerable families each month.


Dhaka, Bangladesh

  Schools in Dhaka are still closed and not set to open until December.

  Daily meals provided to 900 children.

  1,000 additional food packs distributed to daily workers.

JazakAllahu khair once again for your generosity and support. May Allah accept it from you and reward you with the best of rewards ameen.


If you require further information about anything covered above, please contact us in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: ‭01274 734839

WhatsApp: +447305352451

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