Why Admin Fees Are Necessary

By Charity RightApr 18, 2022

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When you donate your hard-earned money to a cause you feel strongly about, you want every penny to help the needy. And that’s why people often complain about admin fees.  

We understand it’s frustrating that a portion of your money won’t go directly to the needy – but every single penny is still used for them.  

Here’s why you shouldn’t worry about them. 


You Need to Hire Experts to Run the Charity 

Any charity needs money to keep it going. People who work at charities do so as full-time jobs – they need a salary, just like we pay for police and teachers, charity workers need to be paid.  

And you need the right people too. Charity isn’t just about collecting money and passing it onto the needy. You need marketing experts to find donations, logistics experts to work out how to deploy the money, financial experts to look after the money… It’s a big operation that requires experienced people who know what they’re doing. 


You Always Need More Than You Think 

Admin fees don’t just pay salaries. You need to travel to the country or work closely with people on the ground to find where to deploy the money, source the food, hire people to carry out the work, buy fuel for delivering… It’s a complex process that requires at least some money. 


Charity Right’s Admin Fees 

By now it’s obvious Charity Right takes a small amount as an admin fee. 

We take around 12 to 15%, depending on the country being donated to. 


Allah (SWT) Allows Admin Fees 

Look in the Quran, and you’ll see the necessity of admin fees for those that distribute donations: 

“Zakat is only for the poor and the needy, [and] for those employed to administer it” (9:60).  

But no admin fees are taken from Zakat and that’s a guarantee from us. As this is your religious obligation, we don’t touch a penny from Zakat donations. Your Zakat donations go towards buying food that goes straight into the mouths of hard-working children. 

With all this in mind, please rest assured that Charity Right makes the most of your donations and we rely on them to make a difference to the lives of the communities we serve.  


Please donate here this Ramadan: 


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