BarakAllah Catering's Come Dine with Us

Join us for an afternoon with Sisters filled with laughter, an opportunity to gain reward and enjoy yummy food Insha Allah 🌹


When: Saturday 04th May 2019

Time: 1pm - 6pm

A buffet will be provided with unlimited drinks🍹 and yummy desserts🍨🍧

What you need to do next: I am asking for a minimum donation of £20 per person. If you can't attend please don't hesitate to donate.

Support us with raising funds to provide children in Thar, Pakistan and Rohingya refugee children in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh with regular school meals. 

These meals are vital to keep these schools open.


£10 = one child is fed for an entire month!

£60 = one child is fed for 6 months!

£120 = one child is fed for 1 whole year!

£240 = 2 children supported with regular meals for 1 whole year!

You can donate zakaah and Fidya to the cause too Insha Allah.

South London sisters let's show how it's done ... we are with Charity Right to Fight hunger!




Latest Donations

  • £73.00 from Ruby Rajah
    6 weeks ago
    "Dearest Uzma, Noshy, Bahjee Ruby, All of the BarakAllah Team; Beni (Samina) & I salute you & your incredible pious kindest of efforts to support such a worthy campaign & cause. We make dua all the donations/funds raised goes to creating ongoing change & development for the beautiful Rohingya people & community.

    Ameen xxx"
  • £20.00 from Smaira Wahid
    6 weeks ago
    "May Allah grant you success and fill your event with His blessings. Ameen."
  • £20.00 from Anonymous
    6 weeks ago
    "MashaAllah Uzma what a lovely thing you're doing! May Allah reward everyone who donates, protect us, and give a us a Ramadaan full of mercy, aameen."
  • £50.00 from Saiqa Ali
    6 weeks ago
    "Uzma, I'm sorry I'm going miss your do - which sounds absolutely incredible btw! Good luck reaching/exceeding your target today xx"
  • £20.00 from Shaesta Rashid
    6 weeks ago
  • £20.00 from Lubna Zakeria
    7 weeks ago
  • £20.00 from Anonymous
    7 weeks ago
  • £60.00 from Komal Tahir
    9 weeks ago
  • £50.00 from Anonymous
    9 weeks ago
  • £20.00 from Saima Ahmed
    9 weeks ago
    "May Aallah give you rewards for your efforts and support Aameen"
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