Charity Right's Al Juzri Qur'an School

For the past 4 years, Charity Right have been supporting Al-Juzri Quran School by providing 3 meals a day for every child at the school alhamdulillah.

This Ramadan we are asking for your support to continue providing another year of vital meals for these children. Our meals are central to their efforts, as they give them the physical and mental strength they need to continue their studies.

Donate now to benefit from the extra rewards this blessed month brings and help keep the school running.

£20 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for ONE month
£120 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for SIX months
£240 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for ONE year!

You can also donate your zakah and fidya (£5 per missed fast) - just be sure to leave a note in the comments!


May Allaah accept it from you and give you back that which is better. May He help you as you are helping us help these orphans and may He correct all your affairs - aameen

Please remember us and our beneficiaries this Ramadan with your du'as and your donations.




Latest Donations

  • £240.00 from Anonymous
    42 minutes ago
    "Feed hafiz for a year"
  • £30.00 from Anonymous
    47 minutes ago
  • £240.00 from Anonymous
    1 hour ago
    "For a hifdh student for 1yr"
  • £10.00 from Anonymous
    1 hour ago
    "Hasbun Allah wa naim alwkeel"
  • £40.00 from Saba Nadeem
    2 hours ago
  • £30.00 from Shazia Basaria
    3 hours ago
  • C$6.00 from Mohammed Iqbal
    1 day ago
  • £30.00 from Anonymous
    1 day ago
  • £20.00 from Anonymous
    1 day ago
    "Al hamdu lillah keep up the great work."
  • £350.00 from Anonymous
    2 days ago
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