Umihat Mutieat's feeding huffadhs in Sudan

In the month of Qur'an, we're supporting Charity Right in helping feed those memorising the Qur'an in eastern Sudan. 

Providing 3 meals a day for almost 1100 children helps keep these students nurished and healthy, giving them the physical and mental strength they need to continue their studies and find a means out of the poverty in sha Allah.

For many of these students, these schools are their homes, where they eat, live and sleep too. 


DONATE NOW to help keep these programmes running.

£20 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for ONE month
£120 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for SIX months
£240 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for ONE year!

You can also donate your zakah and fidya (£5 per missed fast) - just be sure to leave a note in the comments!

JazakumAllaahu khayran - may Allaah accept your charity and make it a means of attaining His Pleasure. May He replace all you give with thousands better than it and may He ensure you never see a day of poverty - aameen!




Latest Donations

  • £30.00 from Abida Zaman
    2 weeks ago
  • £30.00 from Ghazlia Qadeer
    2 weeks ago
    "Excellent cause. Jzk."
  • £30.00 from Nazmeera Kalla
    2 weeks ago
  • £33.00 from Almas khan
    2 weeks ago
  • £30.00 from Alvia Ali
    3 weeks ago
  • £100.00 from Aisha Khan
    3 weeks ago
  • £10.00 from Anonymous
    3 weeks ago
  • £60.00 from Sheeba Khan
    3 weeks ago
    "Sheeba and Seher"
  • £240.00 from Anonymous
    3 weeks ago
    "I have added an extra 240 for the year. This Donation is from my children from their own money. May allah reward them."
  • £30.00 from Rakshanda Hashmi
    3 weeks ago
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