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"And they feed for the love of Allah (swt), the poor, the orphans, and the captive” Surah Al-Nisa,8

In 2014 we made a promise to provide 3 meals a day to 214 children who were memorising the Qur'an. Alhumdulliah with the support of many generous donors, we now support 1100 hifz students in eastern Sudan - many of whom are orphans.

These meals help keep the students nourished and healthy, giving them the physical and mental strength they need to continue their studies and find a means out of the poverty in sha Allah.

For many of these students, these schools are their homes, where they eat, live and sleep too. 

What better month than Ramadan, the month of Qur'an, to help those reading, studying and memorising it.  Don't lose this opportunity today and take your share in this very special project. 

Please donate generously and show your gratitude by sharing in the blessings Allah has blessed you with.  These children will make endless du'as for you and your family. 


£9,600 will support 40 hifz students 

£4,800 will support 20 hifz students

£2,400 will support 10 hifz students 

£1,200 will support 5 hifz students

£480 will support 2 hifz students


 DONATE NOW to help keep these programmes running.


JazakumAllaahu khayran - may Allaah accept your charity and make it a means of attaining His Pleasure. May He replace all you give with thousands better than it and may He ensure you never see a day of poverty - aameen!




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    "MashaAllah. May you be blessed and your family."
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    "Nice one Maz keep up the good let me know if you do a monthly direct debit setup"
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