Sabina's feeding Qur'an students in Sudan

I've pledged to provide regular meals for Hifz Students in Sudan.

The money raised will go towards helping children like the ones in the picture above.

These students not only study and memorise Quran at these schools, but they also eat, live and sleep there in most cases. 

This means, for Hifz students, Charity Right provide 3 meals a day to keep these students nurished and healthy, and able to complete their studies.

Many of the students here are orphans, which means they rely on the funds from Charity Right for survival. 

£20 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for ONE month

£120 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for SIX months

£240 = daily meals for one Hizf Student for ONE year!


We appreciate any donation,  be it small or large and we pray Allah accepts it from all of us, ameen. 




Latest Donations

  • £20.00 from Rohima Khanum
    1 week ago
    "JzkA for the plaque. May Allah SWT accept your good deed Ameen xxx
  • £50.00 from Anonymous
    20 weeks ago
    "May Allah SWT accept from you and us. Keep up the amazing work hun from Sab xx"
  • £10.00 from Anonymous
    23 weeks ago
    "Allah swt reward you for your efforts and put barakah in all the money raised for this worthy cause. Ameen"
  • £20.00 from Shayra Begum
    24 weeks ago
  • £5.00 from Ayesha Zaman
    24 weeks ago
  • £10.00 from Moona .
    24 weeks ago
  • £10.00 from Rohima Khanum
    24 weeks ago
  • £5.00 from R R
    24 weeks ago
  • £15.00 from Afsana Begum
    25 weeks ago
  • £20.00 from rabea haque
    26 weeks ago
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