Who are Uyghur?'s Forbidden to be Muslim

Millions of Uyghur Muslims in China are being arrested, tortured, raped and abused. Many have left their lives behind and fled for safety in Istanbul. However without homes, income or food, life is extremely challenging.

By providing food, Charity Right wants to help Uyghur families develop stable, happy and safe futures.

£50 will feed 1 family for an entire month

£250 will feed 1 family for six months

£600 will feed 1 family for a whole year


We are fundraising to support Uyghur families with food packs. We have reached £1200 - meaning two families will be funded for the whole year of 2020. Continue to share and contribute - more families need our support.

Please donate to help us reach our target and support families like Gulbakhar (video interview below).

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