Shifa's 5 Day Veggie Challenge

Meat is a luxury some families can't afford.

In fact, the families we support only eat meat once a year: on Eid Al-Adha - when we donate your Qurbani to them.

In honour of these families, I've accepted a challenge.

This Dhul Hijjah, I'm going vegetarian for 5 days to raise £100 to help provide family food packs.

I'll be documenting my journey on my social media, so keep an eye out!

And of course, click on that donate button!




Latest Donations

  • £5.00 from Anonymous
    9 weeks ago
    "May Allah accept donations and efforts for all. May Allah grant you Shifa"
  • £5.00 from Anonymous
    10 weeks ago
    "May allah grant Raheel shifa"
  • £45.00 from Anonymous
    11 weeks ago
    "May Allah accept everyone's donations and reward you endlessly. Ameen"
  • £5.00 from Shifa Motin
    11 weeks ago
  • £10.00 from Zulfa Motin
    34 weeks ago
    "No cheating 💪🏽"
  • £20.00 from Salma Khan
    34 weeks ago
    "Mashallah Shifa....may allah reward you for your effort and hard work...I can’t imagine how hard it will be to stop eating meat for a few days hahaha..."
  • £40.00 from Anonymous
    34 weeks ago
    "Good stuff"
  • £25.00 from Reza Motin
    34 weeks ago
    "No seafood, we are watching you"
  • £20.00 from Babul Ahmed
    34 weeks ago
    "Doing an amazing job,
    Well done to you,"
  • £25.00 from Rifa Sulthana
    34 weeks ago
    "May Allah accept accept your efforts and grant you goodness! Ameen! X"
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