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Ruzwan's Meals for Sudan

I'm raising money to feed children every day whilst they attend school, so that they can get their education and have enough to eat.

It's estimated that eastern Sudan is home to over 100,000 Eritrean refugees, and has been since the 1960s due to the war for Eritrean independence, open-ended military service, and human rights violations.

The majority of these refugees live in camps amid conditions that the UN once described as "intolerable." Frequent drought increases malnutrition rates, kills livestock and crops, and leaves no earning potential. These people lack adequate food and water, and it's not unusual for some to go days without a meal.

Sudan will not grant citizenship to most of these individuals, so they have little to no access to healthcare or education.

In 50 years, not much has improved for this community, so much so that the UN has dubbed them the "forgotten refugees."

How Can You Help?

Donate £10 a month to feed a schoolchild with meals for one month

Donate £120 to feed a schoolchild for one year




Latest Donations

  • £30.00 from Anonymous
    3 weeks ago
  • £120.00 from Omar Kayani
    23 weeks ago
    "Excellent project Ruzwan. May Allah bless you."
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    23 weeks ago
  • £50.00 from Anonymous
    23 weeks ago
    "May Allah accept all our efforts"
  • £30.00 from Mohammad Khan
    24 weeks ago
    "Good job Ruz"
  • £120.00 from Omar Khan
    24 weeks ago
  • £20.00 from Anonymous
    24 weeks ago
  • £120.00 from Anonymous
    24 weeks ago
    "No child should have to go hungry. Brilliant initiative. Keep up the good work."
  • £50.00 from Ammar Saleem
    24 weeks ago
    "Allah bless you for your noble intentions and grant you his special guidance

  • £120.00 from Anonymous
    24 weeks ago
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