Tanveer's Sudan Trip - October

This October, I will be flying out to Sudan to see the projects Charity Right is running in the schools, as well as their family feeding programme. At the beginning of this year, you helped me raise over £7,000 for the Rohingya refugees in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh.

Have you ever met a man who was so poor that this poverty eventually led to the death of two of his children on the same day? He couldn't even afford an orange on the very day that they both died!!!

Meet him here...



I am going this month in person to overlook some projects on the ground. My aim is to make sure the work is getting done and our donations are actually benefitting the people in the most efficient of ways. I am not in favour of charities that collect money but are inefficient in spending it and therefore through these visits can ensure Charity Right remains accountable to its donors.

It can be argued that the plight of Eastern Sudanese people is from among the least publicised and thus increasingly neglected causes and therefore I would appreciate let’s together raise awareness for this cause.

Just to clarify if there is any doubt, every trip I make is fully funded by me personally with the primary purpose of visiting the work on the ground.

However, as I'm aware many people like to avail these opportunities to directly entrust me with their donations, therefore, you can drop cash donations or alternatively, you can donate on this page.

Drop cash donations to either me (my contact 07811 399366) or to Websquare by contacting Hamid on 07790 587369.



As always, I'm relying on your generosity to help these children to have food stability for the foreseeable future.


JazakAllah Khayr!




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