Charity Right's Sudan December Trip

In October, the Charity Right team flew out to Sudan to see how we're making a difference to the lives of people who are receiving our support. 


During this trip, we met Fatima, a single mother who worked tirelessly to be able to feed her children.






One day, she cut her hand. A small cut, nothing serious- something which we would have been able to tackle with a little antiseptic and a plaster. 

But in the camps, where food supplies are scarce, medical supplies are even rarer to come by. 

Fatima's cut became infected, and due to lack of resources to be able to treat the wound, hospital staff had no choice but to amputate Fatima's hand.

Now, Fatima is left with only one hand and a family to feed. What little income she had before while she was able to work, has now gone with the loss of her limb. 

Charity Right supports hundreds of people just like Fatima by providing regular food packs to feed them and their families on a long term basis.


This December, we're going back to  Sudan to visit the families and children that YOU support. We want to collectively raise £50,000 to sustain our projects for the foreseeable future, but of course, we can only do this with your help!



How can you help?


Feed a child for one year - £120

Feed a Quran student for one year - £240

Feed a family for one year - £420




Feed a child for one month - £10

Feed a Quran student for one month - £20

Feed a family for one month - £35





Latest Donations

  • £200.00 from Anonymous
    2 hours ago
    "Proud to have a professor that endeavours to make a difference. Look forward to hearing about your trip, good luck on your journey!"
  • £20.00 from Mohammed abid Qureshi
    4 hours ago
    "This is money is on behalf of every Muslim and non Muslim in this dunya"
  • £5.00 from Anonymous
    7 hours ago
    "Maa Shaa Allah on your efforts."
  • £1.00 from Unknwon Uknonw
    9 hours ago
    "May Allaah help us all and whatever we going through. Ameen"
  • £35.00 from Anonymous
    14 hours ago
  • £250.00 from Safiul Syed
    23 hours ago
    "Hope this little bit helps IA"
  • $1,786.00 from Anonymous
    1 day ago
    "Good luck out there bro, keep changing the world"
  • £100.00 from Nishtar Saleem
    1 day ago
    "Insha'Allah khair my brother.. May Allah bless you for this beautiful work you are undertaking and reward you for your efforts!"
  • £100.00 from Anonymous
    1 day ago
    "Have a safe trip."
  • £500.00 from Anonymous
    1 day ago
    "Well done Mashallah"
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