Dr Jaafar's The Forgotten Refugees of East Sudan

I am planning to spend the week commencing 24th December visiting and working with the Charity Right team on the ground in Sudan.

Charity Right support hundreds of families, just like that of Fatima's.

Fatima is a single mother who worked tirelessly to be able to feed her children.

One day, she cut her hand. A small cut, nothing serious- something which we would have been able to tackle with a little antiseptic and a plaster. 

But in the camps, where food supplies are scarce, medical supplies are even rarer to come by. 

Fatima's cut became infected, and due to lack of resources to be able to treat the wound, hospital staff had no choice but to amputate Fatima's hand.

Now, Fatima is left with only one hand and a family to feed. What little income she had before while she was able to work, has now gone with the loss of her limb. 

Charity Right supports hundreds of people just like Fatima by providing regular food packs to feed them and their families on a long term basis.

You can read about the work they are doing here.

I will be paying my own fares, local travel and living costs.

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