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Sheikh Alaa was back in East London to reveal the secrets to a blissfully happy home, with nasheeds by Omar Esa and Qirat by Sheikh Abu Bakr Al-Shatri.

Alhamdulillah, with YOUR help we were able to raise money for schoolchildren in Sudan, to be able to provide regular schoolmeals to keep them nourished and to keep them in school.

Some people pledged to raise the money by reaching out to their friends and family and by holding events during the year, and the team at Charity Right are here to help with that!

This money will go towards helping children like Rania. Rania is a student at Abu-Zar-Algfary Primary School in Kilo 26 refugee camp in East Sudan.

She's 13 years old and lives with her parents and 4 siblings.

When the Charity Right team spoke to her, she told them that the meals she receives daily at school help her concentrate and achieve higher grades. She told us proudly that this year she got 87% in her final exams, a great improvement from the 70% she achieved last year.

Because her father was bedridden, her family had no income and couldn't afford meals for everyone every day, so she would have to go to school without breakfast, and sometimes come home to no dinner.

With the meals from Charity Right, Rania is now guaranteed breakfasts every day at school before her lessons start, so she can concentrate during the day. She wants to go to university to study Medicine, so she can come back and "help my community in the future".

May Allah accept it from everyone, Ameen.




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