Nosheen, Faria and Mona's Behind the Veil- Zohra Tour 2018

We attended the event with our mama and wanted to help feed 5 children learning the Quran in Sudan.


The money we all raise will go towards helping children like me and ibrahim but they have no food or clean water.


These boys not only study and memorise Quran at schools but they also eat, live and sleep there too.

With our donations Charity Right promise to provide 3 meals a day to keep these boys happy amd healthy, and able to complete their studies.

Many of the boys here are orphans, which means they rely on the money we raise together insha aa allah.  Please help us reach our target. Ameen


£20 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for ONE month

£120 = daily meals for one Hifz Student for SIX months

£240 = daily meals for one Hizf Student for ONE year!




Latest Donations

  • £100.00 from Anonymous
    22 weeks ago
    "Excellent idea. Well done both of you."
  • £200.00 from Nosheen Khan
    22 weeks ago
    "Well done sumayyah and ibrahim love aunty zeenat Leicester"
  • £240.00 from Anonymous
    23 weeks ago
  • £600.00 from Anonymous
    24 weeks ago
    "On behalf of the following: Khola, maryam, jamila, Sameera,Sehar and Nadia"
  • £100.00 from Romina Afghan
    24 weeks ago
    "Jazaakumullaahu khairan for giving us an opportunity to donate and give! May Allaah accept it from you and us Ameen."
  • £120.00 from Anonymous
    25 weeks ago
  • £100.00 from afshan afridi
    25 weeks ago
  • £100.00 from Madeeha Mian
    25 weeks ago
  • £100.00 from Saman Jung
    25 weeks ago
  • £240.00 from Anonymous
    25 weeks ago
    "Ma Shaa Allah TabarakAllah! Allahumma Barik! May Allah swt accept from us all Ameen ya Rabbal A’alameen"
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