Ahmir's Help build Al-Haithem School

Al-Haithem School is situated in Azad Kashmir Pakistan. It educates up to 200 kids daily, from them orphans too. Alongside educating they take kids on extra curricular activities. This helps build good character and morals which are paramount to the current and future generation of kids. Right now, Al Haithem School requires building a new facility to cater to the ever increasing demands of students. Your kind donations will enable Al-Haithem School to facilitate better education to the needs of children and also the poor and destitute in society that need education to improve their quality of life.

Your funds will help purchase the plot of land, architecture, building materials and labour go build this massive project.

It will help and honour orphans with clothing, enrolment and tuition fees to continue their studies and extra curricular activities.

True happiness is seeing others happy and serving others. You will be updated with every step of the process.

Education is the most powerful tool that can be used to change the world.




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