Charity Right's Dhedsar Gov Primary School Appeal

Dhedsar Government Primary school is one of the many schools Charity Right supports in the Thar Desert in Pakistan.


With many students attending regularly during the year, Charity Right have taken this school on in our feeding programme to ensure every single child receives a nutritious meal every day they’re at school.


These meals will help children like Nebraj. Nebraj is 15 years old and lives in Thar, Pakistan.

He is responsible for feeding his family after his father passed away.


Here’s what he told us:

“After my father died, my uncle came to live with us. But after a while, he left us too, so I became responsible for my two brothers and six sisters.

I belong to a poor family, which makes my life very different from other children’s. After school, I work part-time cutting wood in my village.

Before Charity Right’s feeding programme, I used to stay hungry until the afternoon and I wasn’t able to concentrate on my studies. I’d only eat one meal a day.

I love studying and I feel so good knowing that Charity Right is serving us. My dream is to make my village famous by receiving a great education.”


We urgently need £11,000 to feed the children that attend Dhedsar Government Primary School for the entire year with regular, nourishing meals.


£1,200 will feed 10 children at Dhedsar Primary School for an entire year.

£120 will feed one of these children for the entire year.

£10 will feed one of these children for one month. 




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