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  • Sahir's Apple Of My Eye Tour

    Ustadha Zohra Sarwari has been delivering her inspiring parenting course - Parenting In The 21Century, across the UK. Many of us attended this course to better understand parenting and how to communicate effectively with our children. Alhumdulilah, I also pledged to support children around the ...

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  • Sahir's united to support Uyghurs

    Millions of Uyghur Muslims in China are being arrested, tortured, raped and abused. Many have left their lives behind and fled for safety in Istanbul. However without homes, income or food, life is extremely challenging.  As many of the newly arriving Uyghurs are women and children they have ...

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  • Sahir's TEAM 365

    A few sisters and I have come together with the intention to provide regular meals for schoolchildren in Sudan, Pakistan and Bangladesh.  We've set a small target to feed 12 children but let’s try to feed as many children as possible - remember the more meals we can provide, the more ...

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