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Yusef Asghar

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  • Yusef's Bangladesh Trip 2019

    Last year, I visited Bangladesh to see exactly what the conditions are like for the children in Dhaka's slums and the Rohingya refugees there and what we can do to help them. This February, I'm flying back out to Bangladesh to exactly the same- to see what else can be done to help their situation ...

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  • Yusef's Mission Europa

    Welcome to our fundraising page! we're driving through Europe to raise money for Charity Right. We’re starting off in London, and heading to Calais, followed by Normandy, Paris, Brussels, and Ghent. This trip is crucial to raising funds to support the Charity Right team and given them the ...

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  • Yusef's Team 365

    More than 40% of Sudan lives below the poverty line. Charity Right want to stop children thinking about where their next meal is going to come from, and start thinking about school work. I want to help this cause, and provide regular daily schools meals for 50 refugee school children in Sudan, ...

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  • Charity Right's Bangladesh Trip 2019

    In February, we're taking some of our supporters out to Bangladesh to see the projects Charity Right are running for the families and schoolchildren there.   As part of the trip, those who are travelling out to the ground will be fundraising to help fund the projects they'll be going out to ...

    Campaign by Charity Right
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  • Charity Right's Mission Europa

      This January, a lucky troupe will be joining us on our mission across Europe. Each team will have a series of challenges to complete at scenic locations around each country we visit.  The team that cracks the challenge first are the winners. The trip will take place between ...

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  • Charity Right's Team 365

    Team 365 is your chance to join an online campaign to provide regular food to the most vulnerable school children in the world for one whole year! For £120 you can ensure one child receives a nutritious meal on every school day for an entire year. The more money you raise, the more children ...

    Campaign by Charity Right
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