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  • Saadiya's Meals for schoolchildren in Sudan

    For the past few years you have helped me support an entire girls school in Sudan (video at the end) After attending an event, my husband and I pledged to provide regular meals for 30 more schoolchildren in Sudan for an entire year. These meals will help children like Rania. Rania is a student at ...

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  • Saadiya's Hope For Girls In Sudan

        As'saalaamu Alaikum and thank you for visiting my page :) Last Ramadan I heard about a school in Eastern Sudan which is really struggling. A school built to educate girls. To give them the skills to reach for more. To give them a chance at a better future. This school is a Qur'an Hifz ...

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  • Charity Right's Ideal Muslim Home- Bradford

    Sheikh Alaa was back in Bradford to reveal the secrets to a blissfully happy home. Alhamdulillah, with YOUR help we were able to raise money for schoolchildren in Sudan, to be able to provide regular schoolmeals to keep them nourished and to keep them in school. Some people pledged to raise the ...

    Campaign by Charity Right
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