£10 a Month Can Save Rohingya Families

In the wake of the Rohingya crisis, our immediate strategy was to deliver life-saving emergency food supplies to families living in Cox’s Bazar refugee camps. It's since become clear that these families will be living in these camps for the foreseeable future, so we’re now looking at ways to make our support more sustainable and long lasting.

As a charity that values long term solutions for long term problems, we need to be able to guarantee that families won’t go hungry in a year’s time.

But without your support, we can’t do this.

That's why we’re asking you to pledge just £10 a month. Regular donations of this amount are enough to keep Rohingya families alive not just today, but in the future too.

To find out how we’ve been helping this community visit our blog post on the crisis

You can donate by using the bar at the top of this page or going to charityright.org.uk/rohingya/

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