Leicester Mother Pledges to Raise £8,000 for Sudan

A mother of three from the northern city of Leicester has pledged to raise £8,000 to provide daily school meals for child refugees in Sudan.

Aisha* attended one of our Zohra Sarwari and Naima Roberts speaking events in 2017, and it was there that she was decided to get involved with one of our projects. What began as a £4,000 fundraising pledge doubled when she decided to take on her mother’s pledge too. Eight thousand pounds is enough to provide daily school meals for 66 children all year round.

To reach her ambitious target, Aisha will be hosting a series of fundraising events over the course of this next year. The first one is a £10 ticket tea party. The get together will be at Aisha’s house, where she hopes to entertain at least 30 of her friends and family. We even helped design tickets for her confirmed guests! 

Aisha has already started planning a few more events that she’d like to hold. One is a vintage tea party that will be organised by a professional event planner; the other - an idea that was inspired by our blog post on Al Barakah school’s fundraising achievements – is a sponsored sacrifice. Aisha’s two daughters have agreed to give up their tablets for one weekend in the hope of raising vital meals for children just like them.

We asked their mother why she’d chosen to support Charity Right: “I was really affected when I heard about children starving in Sudan,” Aisha explained. “I have three children of my own, and I’m always worried about what they’re eating, trying to get them to drink their milk, and eat healthily so they have nutritious diets and can focus in school. I hated the idea of children not having any food, and I knew I had to do something about it.”

Despite finding the process extremely rewarding, Aisha admitted she was feeling a little nervous. She wanted to pass on some advice that she’d received from our very own Nadia (Charity Right’s Donor Relations Officer).

“God will feed these children through your hands or through someone else’s. We need the reward of feeding people in need more than they need us to feed them. Just go for it. Make sure your intentions are correct, hope that God will accept it and forgive you, then God will help you achieve your fundraising aims.”

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Aisha’s progress. Watch this space!

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*names have been changed as the fundraiser would like to remain anonymous





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