Meet Abdullah

We met Abdullah on our trip to Sudan. His story reflects the most horrendous of choices that the poor are often forced to make due to a lack of resources.

Abdullah and his family live in a rural part of Sudan. Two of his children were sick with malaria, but they didn’t have enough money to eat let alone to purchase the medicine his son and daughter needed.

My children were taken to hospital and both had drips put through their noses. I was told to buy some medicine for them, but there was nobody to lend me the money.”

Abdullah had no choice but to sit beside his children and agonisingly watch as they suffered.

Their eyes were wandering around. Just to avoid seeing the suffering I went to the market and asked for help,” he told us. “When I came back, my boy was dead. I’d gone searching for something to wet his throat and I couldnt find it. Instead, I found my son dead.”

Abdullah took his sons body and left his wife and daughter at the hospital. He borrowed a kafan to cover him.
I got one from someone. I couldn’t find one orange to save him - but I found the piece of cloth. When I went back to check on my daughter, she had died too. I buried both of my children in one day.”

To this day, Abdullah is haunted by the memories of his sick children: “I still see my daughter opening her mouth wanting to eat something. I remember it to this moment. Anyone could face this, it could happen to any of us. This is what happened to me."

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Abdullah in Sudan