Bradford Deli Pledges Meals to Hungry Children

We’ve been celebrating our new partnership with Bradford deli Gustoso. For every meal deal that’s sold, Gustoso has decided to donate a meal to a hungry child through one of our school programmes. 

The owner, Alesha Akbar, has two children of her own - which is what inspired her to work with us in promoting education and fighting hunger.

Alesha says, “When I read about how many children across the world go hungry, it really makes my heart bleed. I have always wanted to do something and give back to the community.”

The ‘Meal for a Meal’ campaign started this week, and the Charity Right team were excited to get their orders in.

We’re always looking for new businesses to partner up with. If you’d like to discuss how Charity Right can work with your company, contact Imran on 07583 119 756.

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