5 Reasons to Give Your Qurbani Through Charity Right

At Charity Right, we provide high quality meat for vulnerable families in hard to reach areas. We think that makes us pretty special.

Need more convincing?

Read on to find out why you should give your Qurbani through Charity Right.

1. We hand-pick the best quality livestock for your donation. Quality animals cost more - that’s why some of our prices are a little higher than you might have expected.

2. Our monitoring and evaluation team travel to each country to make sure the sacrifice is performed in accordance with Quran and Sunnah.

3. We identify families that are severely in need and deliver your Qurbani donation right to their door.

4. We send you a text to let you know your Qurbani has been distributed.

5. We give you the opportunity to increase your reward by feeding a family for an entire month. All you have to do is add a £35 food pack to your Qurbani donation.