18 New Schools Join Feeding Programme in Sudan

We’re pleased to announce the addition of 18 schools to our feeding programme in Sudan. This brings the total number of schools receiving daily meals from Charity Right to 31.

A large number of people from Eritrea, a small African nation neighbouring Sudan and Ethiopia, have fled their homes to escape crushing economic conditions, human rights exploitations, and obligatory – often indefinite - military service.

Every month, Sudan registers roughly 800 Eritreans who are hoping to enter the country. Due to the conditions of refugee camps, along with high costs of living, refugees and asylum seekers live a life of poverty and extreme hardship.

In response to the urgent need, we set up various families and schools programmes in Eastern Sudan’s refugee camps. Eritrean refugee families and schoolchildren now receive up to three meals every day depending on their needs and circumstance.

Sudan Visit - May 2017

Charity Right CEO, Sajad Mahmood, along with six volunteers (Rashid Mahmood, Kashif Shabir, Irfat Hussain, Faisel Ali, Asif Shabir, and Mokhlis Rehman) left the UK for Sudan to visit some of the schools that we provide with meals.

One of the reasons for this trip was to ensure that these 18 new schools were eligible for our support. During this visit, we audited the schools, and ensured that a high standard of aid was being met. The team carried out an inspection that included checking the schools had their finances in order, that the warehouses were fully stocked, that deliveries were being made on time, that utensils were clean, and that the cooks were fully trained.

After observation, Charity Right felt it was necessary to also provide some schools with clean water, since they were struggling to wash utensils.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

The volunteers that travelled to Sudan with Sajad were ordinary people, with ordinary jobs, from various walks of life. What makes them extraordinary, however, is that they were so passionate about feeding the hungry that they travelled across the world to deliver aid with their own hands. They were sincere in wanting to make a difference, and for that reason: they did.

Before their trip, they had three weeks to raise as much money as possible for Sudan. They managed to raise an impressive £60,000. This trip which gave them the ability to witness first-hand how their money was being spent.

Reaching Remote Areas of Sudan

We vowed to help children living amongst the most neglected communities in the world. Unfortunately, Sudan fits this description perfectly. Some parts of the country have very little civil infrastructure, making it difficult to transport food and supplies. Many towns and villages become unreachable during the annual rain season due to closed runways, washed out roads, or even the absence of roads altogether. All of this would make it very difficult for food to reach these areas, leaving its people isolated and without aid.

When no one else could reach these people, by the will of Allah: we could and we did.

Help Us to Help Them

We need your help providing consistent support to our 31 schools in Sudan. We started providing meals to Eritrean refugees in 2013, and we hope that this will continue for many years. However, we cannot do this without your help.

You can help us to continue to deliver lifesaving food aid. Simply head over to our donations page and decide how much you’d like to donate.

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