Coronavirus Update From CEO


Considering the unprecedented spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world, I felt it necessary to write to you.

First, I hope and pray this message finds you, your family and loved ones safe and well. I pray that you remain protected from the ill effects of the virus and any residual issues that may arise as a result of its prevalence.

In addition, I’d like to assure you that Charity Right is determined to continue to deliver food aid to the children and families we regularly support, whilst safeguarding our beneficiaries, staff, volunteers and partners.

We take the health and wellbeing of our global ‘Charity Right Family’ very seriously and believe they deserve the best care, safest procedures and responsible working conditions.Currently, this involves us adhering to the official advice issued by governments and public health officials, and adjusting our procedures in each of the countries we operate in.

This is explained more fully in the information below:

In the UK

1. All Charity Right staff in the UK will work remotely.

2. All planned Charity Right events are cancelled.

3. All sponsor and donor visits for March and April are suspended, and no new visits are scheduled at this time.

4. All non-essential travel for staff is suspended.


During times of crisis, vulnerable people like the children and families we support are most at risk. This is why Charity Right is committed to ensuring the wellbeing of our beneficiaries during the coronavirus pandemic.

We will do this by implementing the following contingency plans:

Thar, Pakistan

Schools in the district are closed until 1 June 2020. However, we are preparing food packs for the most vulnerable students and their families. The first distribution of these packs will take place this week.


Schools in Sudan are closed indefinitely.  We will also continue to provide monthly food packs to 508 vulnerable families. 

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Schools in Dhaka are set to close on Friday 20 March. However, we will continue to provide daily meals to children at the schools. This will involve us arranging the distribution of individually packed meals to 10 children at a time throughout the day. Our distribution team will be given masks, aprons, gloves and hand sanitiser to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh

Our schools, orphanages and madrasas are operating normally. We will also continue to provide food packs to vulnerable families.

Istanbul, Turkey

Our teams are preparing 250 food packs that we will distribute to families later this month.

Volunteers delivering food packs in Turkey

For now, we will pray for your continued safety, and we hope you will remember our beneficiaries by continuing to support our vital work around the world.

Also, if you do require further information about anything covered above, please contact us in the following ways:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07305352451


All the best,

Sajad Mahmood, Chief Executive

Sajad Mahmood

Chief Executive