Feeding Eritrean Schoolchildren and Families in Sudan

Our work in Sudan started in 2013, and at that time, we were one of the only UK based organisations working regularly within the country.

We support Eritrean refugees who have been living in extremely harsh conditions in eastern Sudan for years. They live in refugee camps in high poverty areas, having fled civil conflict and famine. Some of them have been displaced for over fifty years. They’re heavily burdened with poverty and are often unable to feed themselves and their families.


By offering free meals at school, we’re encouraging parents to enrol their children in education. This way, they’ll have one less mouth to feed, their children will learn to read and write, and they’ll also have a full stomach.

We take care of 31 schools in Sudan, feeding over 10,000 children every school day. Since we started our work in Sudan, we’ve seen enrolment figures increase in the schools we’re supporting. We hope to continue to grow our activities here, ensuring the education of the next generation.

As part of our work, we supply meals to both ordinary schools and Quran schools, where we feed Hifz students (those who are memorising the Quran).


We feed over 500 families in Sudan. Often these are single parent families or ones that are living in extreme poverty.

There are six people in each family, and we feed them enough food so that they’ll have three meals every single day.

Because we’re removing their food insecurity, this means that they can focus their attention on other matters, such as educating their children or starting their own enterprises. 

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