Feeding Vulnerable People in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country with high poverty rates and low education rates. The divide between those who are rich and those who are poor is ever widening. Many people across Pakistan’s vast landscape find themselves without food or adequate shelter.

We feed children in 10 schools across Pakistan. That’s a total of 867 mouths to feed every day. By the end of the year, we’ll have distributed almost 250,000 meals to schoolchildren in Pakistan.
The Desert Area of Thar

Thar in Pakistan is classed as one of the most difficult places to reach on earth. When we visited the area, which is technically a desert, we could not believe that people managed to survive there.
The cultivation of crops and raising of livestock depends on the weather, and often people go hungry. Many people in this notoriously difficult place to reach live in poverty.
We’re providing food to hundreds of schoolchildren living in Thar, so that their parents can be sure that they will receive food through school, even if they can’t afford to feed them. 

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