Improving Lives in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, we’re working with 27 schools and 900 children to make sure they have food every day.

We’ve chosen to work in the Dhaka slums because many of the children here have been condemned to a life of trash picking, window washing, and street vending – all in order to feed themselves and their families. Their parents can’t afford to feed them, so they often have to work to take care of their own meals.

If we remove this food insecurity, these children can work towards getting an education instead. Rather than working for money, they can go to school.

The Rohingya Community

We also have an extensive programme in Bangladesh distributing aid to the Rohingya. We’re supporting 634 Rohingya schoolchildren, as well as 216 Rohingya families. 

Visit our Rohingya emergency appeal page for more information. 




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