Meet Arfan

Arfan is 7 years old. Born to Mariam, he’s her only child. They live in a remote village in the Thar Desert, Pakistan: a region that’s known for its extreme climate. In fact, this desert has been described as one of earth’s harshest places to live. The number of children dying from malnutrition here has increased exponentially over the past few years, and the need for food is urgent.

Despite his difficult situation, Arfan is a happy little boy who does his best to be of use to his family. “I spend my days cattle farming with my grandfather,” he says. “Sometimes I play football with the other children in the village.”

His ‘football’ is a collection of rags and plastic bags.

“I dream of heavy rainfall so that I can cultivate crops and give vegetables to the poor,” he tells us, bright-eyed and hopeful.

Thanks to your support, our food programme provides Arfan, his mother, and his grandfather with regular meals to last them through the drought season.

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Arfan in Pakistan