Meet Belal

When we met Belal, he was working instead of going to school. He relied on his job to pay for his next meal, so he had no choice but to sacrifice his education.

But thanks to your donations, we were able to enrol him onto a Charity Right feeding programme, which offered him regular meals every day. For Belal, this was everything, because it meant he no longer had to work to feed himself. He could go to school.

“My family doesn’t have to worry about making ends meet and feeding me anymore. I’m an A+ student. Hopefully, I will build a better future for them.”

Belal’s story is testament to him; to his intelligence and to his determination. Rarely do we see a transformation that takes place so quickly and so dramatically. Your donations have given him the support he so desperately needed. You unlocked his potential and gave him the ability to fly.

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Belal in Bangladesh