Meet BomBom

BomBom is Bantar Gebang’s very own little firecracker - known for his cheeky sense of humour and enthusiasm.

Like many of the students at the Bantar Gebang school, BomBom attends classes to escape working at the renowned Jakarta landfill site – the largest uncovered landfill in Southeast Asia. School means that he doesn’t have to spend his time sorting through rubbish and looking for recyclable materials to sell for food.

He lives with his parents and older siblings in a makeshift home made from tree branches, plastic sheets, and clothes. His parents were struggling to provide basic needs like food and clothing. But our feeding programme took some of this heavy burden off BomBom’s parents. They now send him to school assured in the knowledge that their son is guaranteed a meal.

“Now BomBom eats while he is at school,” says his father. “It is good for him. He was lonely without children his own age to play with.”

This firecracker has encouraged many other children to attend school alongside him. His father says he has a unique way of encouraging them: “He tells them there is free food every day!”

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BomBom in Indonesia