Meet Kulsuma

Kulsuma Begum is a Rohingya living in Bangladesh. She fled persecution in Myanmar and now lives in Cox’s Bazar with her blind daughter Juhura, and her granddaughters Jannatul, 13, and Sadia, 8. Her son-in-law died years ago, which left her with the responsibility of providing for her family.

“We lived a truly wretched life,” she begins. “After my son-in-law died, I became the only bread winner of the family. Sacrificing my dignity and honour, I begged on the streets to feed them. There were days we went without any food. My granddaughter would cry herself to sleep.”

Despite the family being unable to afford it, Kulsuma’s granddaughters never gave up on their dream of going to school.

“Alhamdulilah, praise to the Lord, who sent us Charity Right as an angel without wings. These days we don’t starve a single day. My granddaughters have started attending school. I’ve stopped begging and started a poultry farm. Though small, we manage to pay for their education and it got us back on our feet.”

Kulsuma now dreams of being independent and taking care of her family without Charity Right’s support. She hopes her granddaughters will complete their education and build better lives for themselves and their own families.

“I pray that the Lord is as kind to Charity Right and their team as we have found them to be in our most difficult time.”

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Kulsuma Begum