Meet Mohammad

Mohammad Younus was a farmer. He had a wife, four sons, and four daughters. Though his family were not rich, they were content.

During attacks on the Rohingya, the army killed the men of the villages. Mohammad was forced to leave his wife and eight children every night to flee into the forest and mountains surrounding their home.

They lived this way for a few months, until the day Mohammad returned to find his home burned to the ground. There was no sign of his wife anywhere.

After frantically searching, he found his children huddled together behind some rubbish, petrified, but unharmed. His wife had been murdered.

He gathered his children and made his way to safety in Bangladesh. The journey was arduous, and he lost two of his sons along the way, though they were eventually reunited in a camp in Naikhanchori.

Now, Mohammad and his eight children receive our family food pack. They’re living as refugees in Bangladesh, and despite all that they’re missing, Mohammad says he’s in a much better state now than he was in his home town.

“We are safe,” he says. “I don’t have to fear for the safety of my children every waking moment.”

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