Meet Omar

Omar is 13 years old. He lives in an orphanage in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, and he’s been receiving regular meals from us for almost two years.

He wants to tell you his story.

“We had a happy life. We lacked nothing. We had enough food to eat. We had enough clothes and toys. We had everything we needed.

But everything changed when my father died in a road accident in March 2011.

Suddenly, we were facing poverty. My mother was at her wits’ end with what to do with me and my four siblings. After much consideration, we were sent to an orphanage as we wouldn’t need to pay for food.

We need Charity Right to survive but, God willing, we hope to be self-sufficient in the future. We are blessed to be part of this food programme. My mother doesn’t have to worry about feeding us anymore.

Until we can take care of ourselves, we hope to find Charity Right by our side as our benefactor and strength. I pray the Lord is as kind to Charity Right and their team as we have found them to be in our most difficult time.”

We pray that Allah (The Most High) eases Omar’s situation and provides him and his family with everything they need.

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