Meet Watiqah

In the depths of one of Eastern Sudan’s largest refugee camps lives Watiqah: an Eritrean, single mother of four. Three of Watiqah’s children suffer from severe mental and physical impairments, so much so that their mother is forced to tie them to their beds. “They’re not well,” she explains, “so they might hurt themselves.”

Alone in the harsh conditions of a camp that the UN High Commissioner for Refugees described as a “forgotten people”, Watiqah has to find a way to provide for her and her children - a task that she says would’ve been difficult enough without her children’s illnesses to contend with.
“Five years ago, my husband left in search of food and water and never returned. We would go days without food.”

The first time we met her, we promised Watiqah and her family that we’d relieve their suffering by providing them with regular food packs, so that they’d never be hungry again.

But when we returned a year later, we found them hungry again.

When we asked Watiqah about this, she said: “We sell some of the food you give us to buy milk, because the children can eat their food much more easily when it’s mixed with milk.”

On hearing this, we added milk to Watiqah’s monthly food pack. Now, her and her family have everything they need.

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Watiqah in Sudan