Meet Zulfiqar

Meet 12-year-old Zulfiqar. He lives in Bhakuo, Pakistan, with his three brothers and six sisters.

He receives a food pack from us every day. “Before receiving food from Charity Right”, says Zulfiqar, “I wouldn’t have breakfast before school, and I’d eat lunch very late when I got home. This used to make me feel weak, and I’d have to stay off school a lot. Since receiving the food packs, I attend school much more regularly, and I feel more energetic than before.

I’d like to say thank you to Charity Right, and I’d also like to request that they provide us with some computers because I love using them!”

May Allah (swt) protect Zulfiqar and his family from hunger. We can't give him any computers, but we ask Allah to find a way to answer his request!

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