Rohingya Food Pack Contents Amended After Survey

Our Rohingya emergency food campaign has seen hundreds of food packs distributed to vulnerable families that have recently escaped Myanmar for Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh.

As a charity that aims to perform its tasks and duties in the best possible manner, we’re constantly searching for ways to provide more effective support to our beneficiaries.

With this in mind, the Head of Charity Right in Bangladesh - Ashfaq Zaman – has been assessing the situation within the Rohingya refugee camps where we’re already distributing food. The aim was to establish whether there was anything else we could do to better serve these families, and to give us greater insight into their very specific needs.

With a sample size of 50 families from Kutupalong and Balukhali refugee camps, this is what they found:

1. 95% of families have basic kitchen utensils i.e. a cooking pot, pan, and mud stove

2. The availability of wood in surrounding areas makes lighting (cooking) fires very easy

3. The majority of families lived in villages in Myanmar, so they’re experienced in using fire and mud stoves to cook

4. Access to clean water is available but limited

5. The majority of families use plastic tents as shelter; almost all now have a makeshift tent made of polythene, tin sheets, or cloth tents

6. Families usually store their food inside their own tent

7. Families lack refrigeration facilities, making it difficult to store perishable items

This investigation has allowed us to better understand what these families need and want. The result is that we have adapted the contents of the food pack.

One weekly pack (distributed four times a month to each family) will now contain: 7kg rice, 1kg pulse, 1L oil, 1kg onion, 1kg salt, 1kg milk packs, 2kg potatoes, 10 packs saline, 100g chilly, and 2 plates*.

*These will be replaced with different items for every weekly distribution.    

The cost of the food pack will remain the same at £55 per pack. Each pack feeds one family for one month.

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