Zohra Sarwari Apple of My Eye Tour 2020

This month, Charity Right was pleased to host renowned speaker and author Zohra Sarwari (USA), who gave us the pleasure of running the Apple of My Eye Tour 2020 discussing parenting in the 21st century.  

A number of events were held around the UK from London to Leicester, where parents got to learn more about the sunnah of parenting and how to communicate effectively with their child. 

Attendees were able to take home tips on how to inspire and motivate their children to reach their full potential, all whilst fundraising for Charity Right and finding ways to tackle food poverty around the world! 

We were lucky enough to catch up with Zohra Sarwari and asked her more about the tour in this exclusive interview!

Q. How important is it to know how to be better parents and how can it benefit us?

A. “We all want to be better parents and we want that for our sisters and brothers around the world who are suffering. We have to think about those kids who don’t have parents to love and nurture them or to give them time in the day. I believe that if we connect people first with their own kids and work on tackling their own problems then they will be able to feel empowered and in the right position to help others.”

We saw a brilliant turn out of sisters from all ages at the events across the UK and many expressed their appreciation of the event on social media and have given us some great feedback for upcoming tours! 

Q. Why is it important to tackle problems affecting parents?

A. “If you help people solve their problems then people will help you solve your problems. One of the biggest problems we are facing is that there are children who are starving to death around the world without having access to food or education. For me, if I can give you enough information to help you in your life,  then you can take the initiative to help others. 

“In order to help ourselves ,the more we can help others, the more Allah (God) will help us with our own problems and issues. This requires not just giving financially but also giving up your time, efforts and sleep for the sake of Allah.”

Q. What motivates you in doing the work you do? 

A. “The hereafter is what motivates me to do this work. The hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that only three things will benefit you after you passed away and that is, righteous children who make dua for you, any kind of sadaqah jariya (charity) you have left behind and any kind of knowledge you have left behind.  I would like to earn all three of these. 

“I home-school my children and my focus is on that all year round and then beyond that I write my own books and create videos so that I can leave knowledge behind with my books and videos. When I come and give these lectures I am also leaving knowledge behind with people. Any kind of charity work that I can do that will be ongoing is something I love to do. When we feed these kids regularly we are changing their lives and at the end they will remember that”.

Q. Last but not least, what one specific gem would you want people to take away from coming to the Apple of My Event?

A. “Never give up on your children, life or family. Have hope as it is never too late to make a change, but most importantly keep persevering and never give up! 

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Zohra Sarwari, Apple of My Eye Tour 2020