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Quran programme

We provide hot meals to Quran students, many of which are orphans. This regular nutrition is key to giving them the strength to remain focused throughout their studies.

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Make a difference

You can give vulnerable children hope of a much brighter future

By giving a precious gift today, you can help to change young lives forever.

Your generosity can give children the chance to get an education, escape poverty and have a much brighter future.

Quick donation

  • £10 can ensure a child receives school meals for a month.
  • £60 can provide a child with school meals for six months.
  • £120 can ensure a child receives school meals for a year.
  • £250 can provide a class of 25 children with meals for a month.
  • £10 a month can help a child eat every day at school.
  • £20 a month can help two children eat every day at school.
  • £30 a month can help three children eat every day at school.
  • £50 a month can help five children eat every day at school.
The issue

Around the world, millions of children are trapped in poverty.

This is because of a lack of nutrition, inadequate sanitation and poor health and wellbeing that affects life chances.

In addition, these children are often excluded from education or can’t go to school because they need to work or do domestic chores at home.

The solution

Meals in schools can start to transform lives forever

By providing school meals, we offer parents and guardians a huge incentive to send their children to school.

As a result, these children are much more likely to stay healthy, get a life-changing education and have fun with friends.

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